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termal screening and access control - UTStarcom

Thermal Screening and Access Control

The UTStarcom’s thermal access control solution combines various sensing methods with the latest machine learning and AI technologies to deliver fast temperature measuring and reliable access control solution.


UTG-C110 & UTG-C120 Thermal Screening Station

The UTStarcom’s UTG-C Series fast temperature measuring system combines infrared thermal imaging, face recognition, and temperature calibration technologies. Even if a person moves fast in the detection range, the solution is still able to measure and display his/her thermal images and the highest body surface temperature virtually immediately.

This system is an ideal choice for crowded area application scenarios such as airports, railway stations, industrial parks, office buildings, schools, hospitals, governmental agencies etc. The solution is optimized for indoor environments.

UTG-C Series include 2 products: UTG-C110 and UTG-C120 that differ in temperature measurement distance range and performance.

Basic system configuration includes an infrared thermal imaging camera, an optional black body, and is accompanied by the TAC-Lite software package.


UTG-C100 Series Features

  • Fast automated temperature  measurement
  • Contactless measurement and safe operation
  • Accurate and reliable temperature measurement
  • Thermal and visible light imaging
  • High performance with simultaneous temperature measurement
  • Smart functionality
  • Black Body for improved temperature accuracy (optional)