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termal screening and access control - UTStarcom

Thermal Screening and Access Control

The UTStarcom’s thermal access control solution combines various sensing methods with the latest machine learning and AI technologies to deliver fast temperature measuring and reliable access control solution.


UTG-D310 Thermal Screening Gate

The UTStarcom’s UTG-D310 Door Frame Infrared Thermal Screening Gate boasts accurate contactless temperature measurement for increase safety of operation. Face recognition can optionally be performed with use of the built-in camera along with the swift body temperature measurement.

This Door Frame Infrared Thermal Screening Gate is suitable for such crowded area application scenarios as transportation hubs, industrial parks, office buildings, schools, hospitals, public security organizations, governmental agencies and other similar use cases.

The solution is optimized for indoor environments.


UTG-D310 Thermal Screening Gate Features

  • Fast automated temperature  measurement
  • Contactless measurement and safe operation
  • Accurate and reliable temperature measurement
  • Thermal and visible light imaging
  • Optional balck body for improved accuracy
  • Smart functionality