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Company Overview

UTStarcom delivers cutting-edge packet optical transport and broadband access solutions coupled with a carrier grade Software Defined Networking platform to give telecommunications carriers the power to efficiently serve the rapidly growing demand for bandwidth from cloud-based services, mobile, streaming and other applications.

Our goal is to help network operators simplify the process of offering new revenue-generating products and services and run their networks more efficiently. This goal inspired our “simple network, simple operation” philosophy of product design whereby we help customers eliminate unnecessary layers of technical and operational complexity. As a result, network operators can reduce capital expenditures and operational expenses, while maintaining a high level of network reliability, performance and security.

We leverage our extensive expertise in packet optical transport, broadband access, Wi-Fi and next generation video platforms, to develop state-of-the-art products for different market segments and applications, including mobile backhaul, metro aggregation, Wi-Fi data offload, and to optimize our solutions for video streaming applications. Many of the innovations that we embed in our products stem directly from insights we glean through close engagement with tier-1 telecom carriers worldwide as they strive to improve network performance, maintain tight budget discipline and offer their customers a compelling package of services.

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Our broadband product lines include our innovative and market leading TN-series family of packet optical transport products based on Multi Protocol Label Switch Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) and Carrier Ethernet (CE) technologies, fixed line and wireless broadband access solutions including Multi Services Access Network (MSAN), Ethernet Access Devices (EAD), Fiber To The X (FTTx) and Wi-Fi solutions, coupled with the Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform to support the network evolution.

Our corporate ethos stems from several principles that have guided us throughout our over twenty years of experience in the industry:

  • Customer-centricity – Be a reliable partner to our customers, facilitating the growth of their business.
  • Innovation and flexibility – Bring cutting-edge technologies to market and adapt quickly to our customers’ needs.
  • Creative problem solving – Provide solutions that meet business objective of our customers, rather than just selling devices.
  • Quality and reliability – Ensure the highest quality and level of reliability of our products, which is essential in establishing long-term relationships with our customers.

In addition to our broadband business, UTStarcom has made several strategic investments in “new media” companies that expand our capabilities in the field of “next generation” video platforms and put us on the forefront of the most sought-after features in consumer entertainment technology. We are the single largest investor in aioTV ( and UiTV (, early-stage companies that provide “next generation” media operational support services in the rapidly growing markets for TV over IP and OTT video services. We are leveraging the synergies with aioTV and UiTV to bring the most compelling on-demand video services to our operator customers. In addition, we are using insights from these companies to optimize our broadband solutions. UiTV is a full service IPTV provider that partners with traditional telcos in developing markets to animate the infrastructure with rich, HD TV entertainment, enabling telcos to offer their customers a one-stop, multi-screen experience. aioTV is an OTT middleware video platform for service providers and content owners worldwide enabling them to easily aggregate multiple sources of live, on-demand and freely available video content into a single, unified TV experience with a consistent multi-screen user interface across connected devices.

Corporate Profile

UTStarcom is a global telecom infrastructure provider, focused on delivering innovative carrier-class broadband transport and access (both Wi-Fi and fixed line) products and solutions, optimized for mobile backhaul, metro aggregation, broadband access and Wi-Fi data offloading.

UTStarcom was founded in 1991 and began trading on NASDAQ since 2000. It has operating entities in Tokyo, Japan; San Jose, USA; Hangzhou, China; and Delhi and Bangalore, India. In 2011, the Company deployed a revamped growth strategy that concentrates on broadband and selective investments into innovative companies providing media operation support services.