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A highly scalable, agile and intelligent metro transport network based on the next generation HW and SW architecture of PTN. The product line offers support of up to 100GE interfaces, SDN-based automation features and advanced services, as well as a broad range of carrier-class features including network-wide time/clock synchronization, carrier class sub 50ms recovery resiliency, guaranteed QoS and SLA enforcement, end-to-end multi-layer OAM. The product line includes a complete line of network elements from access and edge to metro core high-performance devices.



The Next Generation Packet Optical Transport solution brings together all of UTStarcom’s recent innovative developments to deliver highly scalable, agile and intelligent metro transport solution. The solution implements SDN-based dynamic control plane on a connection-oriented MPLS-TP/CE transport network and enables full integration with the company’s SOO Network SDN platform. It builds on the reliability and telecom-grade feature set of UTStarcom’s NetRing 700 Series PTN product family, while adding improved operational efficiency of the next generation HW and SW architecture, 100GE interface support, various automation features and advanced services such as BoD and L3VPN.

The NG-PTN solution is designed to efficiently support 1/10G access and 100G aggregation/core network architecture and takes into account the need for higher flexibility of network topologies and rapidly growing demand for bandwidth, which is particularly important to LTE/LTE-A mobile backhaul networks.

The product line offers a broad feature set, including the carrier class sub 50ms recovery resiliency, hard QoS/SLA guarantees, end to end and multi-layer OAM, network-wide time/clock synchronization, efficient multicast data distribution.

The NG-PTN solution can efficiently serve various metro applications where efficiency, reliability, scalability and availability of telecom-grade features are critical, including mobile backhaul, metro aggregation networks and enterprise network. With its high scalability, support of 100GE transmission and integration with our innovative SDN platform SOO Network, the NG-PTN platform offers a future-proof solution designed to efficiently address ever-changing needs of customers and requirements of telecom market.

The product line includes a complete line of network elements from access and edge to metro core high-performance devices.

  • Scalability: A broad line of transport products available in various capacities and form factors to meet all applications.
  • Capacity: Large network capacity. Migration to 10G Access/Aggregation and 100G Aggregation/Core architecture.
  • Agility: Software-centric architecture, full integration with SOOTM SDN platform. Advanced services support. Fast introduction of new services.
  • Flexibility: Flexible topologies. L2 and L3 support. Variety of interfaces and module types to provide a converged multi-service solution.
  • Reliability: Carrier class reliability with fully redundant hardware architecture and sub-50ms failure recovery.
  • Manageability: Enhanced OAM capability with end-to-end service management enhanced by SOO SDN Platform.
  • Inter-operability: Compliant with ITU-T MPLS-TP standard and proven interoperability with other vendor platforms.
  • Performance: deterministic performance with predictable jitter and delay
  • Bandwidth Efficiency: Packet nature of the network with flexible data-pipes enables the end-user to subscribe to the service in smaller increments and provides better utilization at the core.
  • Lower TCO: Low power consumption; bandwidth efficiency due to optimized packet transmission; fast fault isolation and simple management; smaller form factor.
  • MPLS-TP / CE
  • Ethernet, TDM and ATM services
  • Range of interfaces up to 100GE
  • Advanced dynamic services including L3VPN and BoD
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • Flexible topologies
  • Sub 50ms protection
  • Network-wide time/clock synchronization
  • Guaranteed QoS and SLA enforcement
  • Multi-layer OAM
  • Centralized management
  • SDN-based automation
  • High port density, small footprint
  • Low power consumption
Network Architecture
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