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SyncRing - UTStarcom


The SyncRing product family provides an optimal integrated solution for various applications that require precise frequency, phase and time synchronization over packet-switched networks. The product family includes outdoor grand masters and a boundary clock switches. The solution components are centrally managed by the Company’s proven OMC-O NMS network management platform.


SyncRing XBC340/XBC341 POE Switch / PTP Boundary Clock

The UTStarcom’s SyncRing XBC340 and XBC341 Ethernet Switches are designed to serve as boundary clocks of IEEE1588v2 PTP network. Deployed throughout the network, the products help to improve end-to-end network synchronization accuracy providing on-path timing support with SyncE and PTP.

In addition to their excellent synchronization capabilities, both XBC 340 and XBC341 support Power over Ethernet (PoE) output per IEEE 802.3at/af specifications on all of their electrical access ports. Both SyncRing products are excellent choices for efficient 4G/5G small cell deployment providing an “all-in-one” solution to support multiple functions (including synchronization, data forwarding and PoE functions). 

While the SyncRing XBC340 and XBC341 products share similar specifications and feature sets, the key difference between them is the holdover performance.  The XBC341 provides significantly higher holdover performance for applications that require very high availability of accurate time synchronization.

  • PTP Boundary Clock
  • Sync Ethernet + IEEE 1588v2 on all ports
  • Frequency, phase, time synchronization
  • High time synchronization accuracy better than T-BC Class B
  • Solid holdover performance
  • Integrated data forwarding support, L2/L3 switching
  • Optical & electrical interfaces
  • POE 802.3at/af on all electrical access ports, large power out capability
  • Unified management for all SyncRing products based on centralized NMS
Network Architecture
Product Pictures
Data Sheet: XBC340
Data Sheet: XBC341
White Paper: 5G-ready SyncRing Solution